how mindfulness can help you develop holistically

How Mindfulness Can Help You Develop Holistically

When it comes to personal development, everyone understands it in their own way. Some people develop their bodies by committing to healthy eating and regular exercise. Others engage in an earnest spiritual study to receive deep insights. Yet others put their social relationships and career in the limelight. So, can you say for sure that by developing one aspect exclusively, you will be completely satisfied with your life?

Why Holistic Development is Important

While choosing a single life goal in itself is not a bad thing, ignoring all other areas of life may cause serious deterioration of your overall well-being. Just imagine that you have a garden with fruit trees: apple, pear, peach, and plum. At harvest time, you wish every tree to be fruitful and every fruit to be juicy and ripe, but you’ve been watering only the peach tree. The question is whether you will be able to taste each fruit?

The answer is obviously no. There is a very slight opportunity that all areas of life will thrive if you invest your energy in one particular field only. Whether it’s your body, or psyche, or spirit, or social relations, you should not leave them out of the picture, as they are indispensable parts of your harmonious life. And how can we attain such a balance? Leading a mindful life is the best of both worlds to wisely distribute your energy across the most essential areas to benefit from all of them altogether.

Practice Mindfulness to Flourish in Life

Holistic development encompasses physical, psychological, social, and spiritual advancement by practicing mindfulness. To make a long story short, let’s have a look at how you can consciously approach each area:

  1. Body. They say, we are what we eat, and this is indeed true since the food we consume gives us energy to execute our plans and ideas. To benefit from this area, you should eat mindfully, thus, with a special attention to the quality of products and reactions of your body. Taking up exercising is essential these days with more and more of our time spent in a seated position. The exercise regime you choose can vary from a couple of sun salutations in the morning to jogging in the evening — just do whatever it takes to make yourself move.
  2. Psyche. Your present life is the result of some subconscious behavioral patterns if you make all decisions unconsciously. Practicing mindfulness by asking yourself questions about your reactions and emotions will help you recognize and question the script of your life. Just think about it: do you often look for excuses or blame yourself for what happens around you? Your old offences can interfere in your present, so it’s important to work on them either individually or with an expert.
  3. Spirit. We are energetic and spiritual creatures and our desire to connect with our souls and the world should not be ignored. A fifteen-minute mindfulness meditation is the most effective tool to delve into your inner self and receive insights on what your soul and body really need. The surrounding also reflects what you transmit from the inside. Particularly, your energy level will resonate with a certain type of people and with certain situations. A daily meditation practice will improve your vibes to create your desired reality.
  4. Relationships. Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, live communication is a part of our social nature. In most cases, we prefer having a close circle to share our thoughts or emotions. When interacting, we exchange energy, so it’s crucial to choose people who really appreciate you. The point is that your relationships should be mutual and healthy, without leaving you with a bitter taste that you get when you gave more than you received. The same applies to your vocation and hobbies, as they should satisfy your inner interests as well as develop your talents.

Mindfulness is a catalyst for your holistic development that, in its turn, vastly contributes to general well-being. There is no doubt that it might be challenging to question your habitual way of life and start treating your body as the temple of your soul. It may be hard to reconsider your friend list and make a mindful decision who really values your relationships and who needs to fade away. Yet when you feel that all layers are interconnected, there will be no place for neglecting your personal evolution.

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