7 Reasons to Exercise

Muscle and Fitness Routine: 7 Reasons to Exercise

In this article, we are not going to scrutinize the professional exercise routine, but rather talk about what’s the hype around sports and what are the key benefits of daily fitness routine: why do you need to jump start exercising?

A tremendously growing number of gyms and their slogans around the city calling for sports get you annoying? Here is 7 reasons why you should join a gym and add some movement to your, probably, sitting lifestyle.

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1. Boosted Energy Level, Improved Mood, and Better Concentration

Does getting more energy by exercising on a daily basis sound confusing? Well, believe it or not, by exercising you will become more focused, active, and disciplined in terms of mental and physical health. Relieving negative energy during physical exercises will help you maintain a positive mood which in turn makes it easier to complete your daily tasks. The feeling of dignity after an exhausting and sweaty workout will lift your mood for sure.

2. Deep Sleep is Guaranteed

Research has shown that people who perform at least 150 minutes of physical activity per week sleep significantly better than those who don’t. The combo of sweating and increasing body temperature will lead to quality sleep and less drowsiness during the daytime.

3. Improved Self-esteem and Body Satisfaction

Instagram-suggested profiles with athletic bodies, strong arms, and powerful ABS are annoying and even teasing? Start exercising and the results will soon be forthcoming. Although, having a perfect body physique has it’s downsides – you won’t be able pass a mirror without admiring yourself for a few seconds 😉

4. Finding Mates and Friends

This benefit fits those of you who find it difficult to make new friends or have been struggling from a “single” status for a long time. Engaging in sports events and common outdoor fitness routine make it easy to connect with like-minded people.

5. Stress Relief and Stress-Resistance

If your life occupation (work) requires you to make active use of your braincells, then this is the one for you. Do you feel stressed after completing daily tasks and overcoming challenges at the office? All these little stresses taking up space in your mind can be easily silenced by lifting in a gym, swimming in a lake/pool or riding a bicycle around the city. In addition, practicing any type of sport builds discipline. As I mentioned earlier that makes you more resistant to stress – you’ll know how to handle your emotions if something goes wrong at work.

6. Better Immune System and Overall Well-Being

That is probably the primary benefit of starting practicing sports. Do you always get a cold during the mid-season? Have winter and fall become synonymous with coughing and sniffling? If so, your body will appreciate your effort to get into shape to build up your resistance.

7. Substantial Self-Development

Last but not least, this final benefit comes from my personal experience with bodybuilding. By being involved in sports, my interest in everything around me increased. What started out with a hyper focus on finding out what I could about the science behind muscle-building, it also set me on a track to develop myself. Having tasted success from hard work I’ve applied that feeling to develop the other aspects of my life with the same level of commitment. When progress becomes visible – nothing will stop me.

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Goal-struggle-effort-focus-end result – you can achieve so much more than excellent body shape and muscles. The ability to live happily every day after having enjoyed quality sleep, resisted your boss’s remarks, dealt with stress and most importantly enjoyed your new healthy lifestyle its easy to understand the hype.

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